sábado, 9 de diciembre de 2017

the stars for my eyes

Hello dear Secondollies,

Happy to announce that a new sponsor trusting me to blog their very nice desings.
I am talking about Apple May Designs ☺

So, let's start with this very nice outfit that you can find as Gacha in The Arcade Gacha Events

Styling Card:

Outfit with pants, dress, pants, and mittons ::: Apple May Designs ::: Gacha @ The Arcade

Glasses ::: Enchanté ::: Autumn star sunglasses with hud for changing colors

Earrings ::: Enchanté ::: feelings

Lipstick ::: Olde Lily ::: 

Pose ::: Overlow Poses :::

Necklace ::: Maxis Gossamer :::

Hair ::: Analog dog :::

Enjoy your Second Life!

After party ... ;D

Hello Secondollies,

Here me again, in this post I am very tired after a long party, but had too much fun!
Just some rest and I will be so fresh again :)

Styling Card:

Headphones ::: Enchanté ::: in silver and gold @ Cosmopolitan Event (Dec 4th - 16th)

Boots ::: Mosquito's Way ::: with HUD for changing colors and other options 
The Liaison Collaborative (Dec 7th - 30th)

Sweater ::: Cynful ::: @ FaMESHed

Top & Shorts ::: BlueBerry :::

Hair ::: Doux :::

Necklace ::: Maxis Gossamer :::

Skin appliers :::  DeeTaleZ :::

Beauty moles ::: Le Forme :::

Eyes ::: Avi-Glam

Mesh bento head by Catwa

Mesh bento body by Maitreya

Have fun and happy weekend!
Babi ♥

Shape of you

Hello again my dear Secondollies,

I am here dancing and enjoying making some new videos for Move Animations Cologne, this time with Dennis pack dances (15 dances) especially done for bento shapes,
I love how my fingers have this flow and soft movements :)

I have to thank my friend CeeBest for dance with me in this proyect, this pack is for female or male avatars, so I appreciate his collaboration with his very handsome avi :)

I hope you enjoy my videos, if you have any suggestions or comments, are welcome! ☺

You can find and try the dances here ↴

Mainstore of Move Animations Cologne


And these are their social media:





Babi ♥

miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2017

Waiting the romance

Hello my Secondollies,

For today this is my look ☺

Dress ::: Sexy Princess ::: Rhodes (in 8 different colors) => New Release :)

Heels ::: Mosquito's Way ::: Cynthia @ The Imaginarium GACHA December 1st - 31st 

Lipstick ::: Olde Lily :::

Lashes ::: Olde Lily :::

Poses ::: Overlow Poses :::

Eyeshadows ::: Alaskametro :::

Hair ::: Doux ::: Lee

Necklace ::: Maxis Gossamer :::

Garter ::: Apple May ::: Love hurts

Bow on the head ::: Apple May ::: Gift ☺

Hibiscus brunch ::: Lode ::: Gacha @ The Chapter Four

Eyes ::: Lotus ::: Gacha @ The Chapter Four 

Skin appliers ::: It Girls :::

Mesh bento head ::: Catwa :::

Mesh bento body ::: Maitreya :::

Location >>> The Last Stop <<<

kisses and hugs ♥♥♥

lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2017

on the way to have a coffee with my friend ♥

My look for today ↴

Hipster Glasses ::: Enchanté ::: with HUD for customization @ Hipster Women Event 

Heels ::: Enchanté  ::: Ariana @ The Chapter Four  => Gacha (3 different models) 

Lipstick ::: Olde Lily ::: Kimi

Top with bra ::: BlueBerry :::

Pants ::: Apple May :::

Hair ::: Doux ::: Amamda

Handbag ::: Shey :::

Necklace, and bracelets ::: Maxis Gossamer :::

Nose piercing ::: Yummy Accesories :::

Skin Appliers ::: DeeTaleZ :::

Mesh Bento Head ::: Catwa ::: Lilly

Poses ::: Overlow Poses :::

Babi ♥

jueves, 30 de noviembre de 2017

Fitness time

Hello my dear Secondollies,

Always enjoying my Second Life, exploring and finding very nice places, with incredible well done buildings and prepared to have some fun.
I found this place where to can ride bikes and motorcicles, very fun Role play with guns and you can shoot other residents (LOL), but of course, there is some rules.
The city is like a vintage town, something abandoned (perfect for pictures) and you can rent some houses too
I leave the Landmark for you => The Last Stop

I found there a fitness place and of course I made some yoga ;)

As was time for fitness and some workout....I found a fully equipped gym, with jogging strips, lifting weights, machines, sauna, excellent to keep in shape our avatar or also to make nice pictures
This is the landmark => ALPHA gym

The styling card for today:

Outfit ::: Sexy Princess ::: Yoga pants and top => NEW RELEASE

Sneakers ::: BlueBerry :::

Hair ::: Stealthic :::

Earphones ::: Muschi :::

Smartphone ::: Tuty's ::: (gift)

Energetic soda ::: Alpha Gym ::: I took it from the machine (free)

Head mesh bento ::: Catwa ::: Lilly (love it) 

Skin appliers ::: DeeTaleZ :::

martes, 28 de noviembre de 2017

I am decided!

Top ::: Sexy Princess ::: Giselle => New Release

Boots ::: Mosquito's Way ::: Carol, with HUD for customization

Lipstick ::: Olde Lily ::: Ivonne

Lashes ::: Olde Lily :::

Skirt ::: BlueBerry :::

Hair ::: Analog Dog ::: Halo

Eyes ::: Avi-Glam :::

Skin appliers ::: DeeTaleZ :::

Nose chain ::: Tabou :::

Bracelet ::: MG

Watch ::: DDL accesories

Enjoy your life!
kiss ♥

sábado, 25 de noviembre de 2017

Some sugar to my life....

Hello Secondollies,

I have to share with you my joy, I am learning a lit bit more doing better videos (finally I can hide my mouse cursor! LOL) ...I know I have too much to learn yet, but I am happy with this last result.
I saw for hours lots of tutorials and step by step I hope I will be doing better, it is easier if you use good animations like the dances I am using for the videos.
In this, I wanted to combine one of my last favorite songs with Alini dances by Move Animations Cologne 

I hope you like and I wait your comments or suggestions :)

Good news! BLACK FRIDAY!!
Get 50% on Top of all COPY DANCEPACKS of ALL Girls Dance RELEASES NOW!


You can find and try the dances here:

InWorld Store

or here:

Enjoy your second life!
Babi ♥

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

Relax bendito relax

Hello my Secondollies, this is my look for today:

Dress ::: Sexy Princess ::: Marina => New Release

Shoes ::: Mosquito's Way ::: Hannah, customizable 21 colors+5 color heels @ TLC 
(7-30 Nov)

Hair with hat ::: Exxess :::

Sunglasses ::: MG :::

Necklace ::: MG ::: Group Gift 

Nose piercings ::: Tabou :::

Skin Appliers ::: Glam Affair ::: Viktoria

Beauty Mole ::: Izzies :::

Stand pose ::: Overlow Poses ::: last pack #94

Mesh bento head by Catwa and Mesh bento body by Maitreya

Location ::: The Ippos :::

Have a great day!

sábado, 18 de noviembre de 2017

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Helloooo my dear Secondollies,

I found another good place to take pics, and the best is that you can rezz, you can create an scenery, you can run scripts, the only thing they ask you if not disturb others and do not let a mess.
I live in a little apartment so is perfect for me :)

This is the landmark ==> MonsterBox

Outfit ::: Sexy Princess ::: Marisole in 3 colors => New Release

Boots ::: Mosquito's Way ::: Clara, customizable (21 colors) @Enchantment (11-30 Nov)

Lipstick ::: Olde Lily ::: Ivone

Lashes ::: Olde Lily :::

Hair ::: Stealthic :::

Face piercings ::: Saga ::: Bohemian flower set

Ears with piercings ::: Swallow :::

Skin appliers ::: L'etre :::

Mesh bento body by Maitreya

Mesh bento head by Catwa

Enjoy and happy weekend!
Babi ♥